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Police are now offering ‘safe lots’ for Craigslist deals

Your local cop shop might be the safest place to make a deal.


Mike Wehner


The vast majority of Craigslist transactions go off without a hitch, but on the off chance that the person you’re about to meet is planning on robbing you—or worse—it’s best to be as cautious as possible. Police departments are starting to feel the same way, and some are opening up their parking lots as places for you to buy and sell.

In an update to its Personal Safety page this week, Craigslist is suggesting that you carry out your high-dollar transactions within view of law enforcement in order to reduce the risk of a criminal taking advantage of you.

As NPR reports, some police departments are welcoming this idea with open arms. The Hartford Police Department in Hartford, Conn., has started a program it calls Operation Safe Lot to encourage anyone carrying out a Craigslist sale to do so in their parking lot, complete with 24-hour surveillance, plenty of lighting at night, and a staffed lobby just a few steps away.

While many local police departments might not outwardly promote something like this, their job is always to prevent crime, and if carrying out your Craigslist deal in a nearby lot will prevent a robbery or something even more serious, chances are they’ll welcome it. As always, it’s best to contact local law enforcement before showing up in their parking lot with a used mattress to sell, just so you don’t raise any suspicious eyebrows of your own. 

H/T NPR | Photo via Glyn Lowe/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

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