TikTok Hits 2023: Sounds and Trends

Our favorite TikTok sounds from 2023

A nice, warm send-off to TikTok's most popular sounds.


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Posted on Dec 27, 2023   Updated on Dec 29, 2023, 1:36 pm CST

This week, we are bringing you a countdown of some of our favorite sounds from TikTok.

TikTok Hits 2023: The Best Sounds of the Year

While we haven’t ranked them in any particular order because we truly adore them all equally, we do want to celebrate them once more before giving them a nice warm send-off. Because, frankly, we are getting quite tired of them.

For more information on each of our favorite trending sounds in 2023, we’re including the full versions below.

“Surprise Surprise”

Ranked in no particular order, we kick off our best sounds on TikTok list with Surprise, Surprise. Singer Cilla Black is beloved in the UK and is now a TikTok star.

A clip of her belting out the theme song from the British talk show Surprise, Surprise, went viral when people started using it to highlight various a bathroom theme problems and to reveal a potential mental health issue to loved ones.

Click here to read more about Surprise Surprise’s rise to TikTok infamy.


Next on the list is Jain’s “Makeba.”

This song celebrates the late great Miriam Makeba, a South African anti-apartheid activist, and singer catapulted to super viral status on TikTok when it was married to this SNL sketch featuring Bill Hader.

This sound also charted on the year in music on TikTok, ranking ninth in the US, sixth in the UK, and Worldwide.

Click here to read more about Makeba’s rise to TikTok infamy.

The Jubi Slide

Three years after Jouberson Joseph, the originator of the Jubi Slide, first put it online.

This dance once again went viral on TikTok, thanks to its marriage to LAKIM’s ‘A Pimp Named Slicked Back’ the Jubi Slide emerged as a dance challenge where folks are performing it on increasingly difficult terrain, such as the beach, on grass with cleats and in a bear suit.

Click here to read more about the Jubi Slide’s rise to TikTok infamy.

“Close your eyes. Now, feel.”

The list cannot be capped off without some kind of sound from the film Barbie.

This sound was delivered by the much beloved Rhea Perlman. It is set to Billie Eilish’s ‘What Was I Made for’ and comes from the last scene of the film, which then leads to a lovely montage of the cast and crew’s home videos.

TikTok used it to celebrate cherished memories of girlhood, as well as to reveal their wonderfully and adorably weird Barbies.

Click here to read more about this song’s rise to TikTok infamy.

“Taste The Biscuit”

Our next sound comes from a 2010 cinematic gem made by Vincent Gargiulo called Chickens in the Shadows.

The sound first went viral when this account used it and continued on its climb when people used it along with the vacation walk filter where you strut down a beach sporting a silver body, resulting in the wildly popular chrome lady trend. Taste the biscuit. Taste the goodness of the biscuit.

Click here to read more about Taste the Biscuit’s rise to TikTok infamy.

“Gimme One Margarita”

This next sound originated from actress and host Angel Laketa Moore, who freestyled it into life during her podcast ‘Here’s the Thing.’

The lyrics were inspired by a sermon from campus preacher Cindy Smock, aka Sister Cindy, who advocates abstinence by detailing the pitfalls of drinking margaritas.

The sound blew up when Casa de Music remixed it, reaching the heights of 14 million views. In a twist ending, Sister Cindy made her own version of “One Margarita” — though it has not reached the same viral status as the original.

Click here to read more about One Margarita’s rise to TikTok infamy.

“Sitting is the Opposite of Standing”

We are often so taken aback by the creative ways in which TikTok takes a sound and evolves it.

The pro-sitting song by actor Brian Jordan Alvarez resulted in so many wonderful adaptations, including musical theater, Sitting metal sitting is a wonderful thing to do and even Gregorian chants.

Click here to read more about Makeba’s rise to TikTok infamy.

“Goth Pound Town”

We are closing out our list of the TikTok sounds with this banger.

While Sexxy Red’s viral hit Pound Town was popular on TikTok for months. It blew up when producer Boyband added a goth remix from there TikTok took it and ran with it, making connections to Gotham and Harley Quinn, as well as introducing the world to one of the strangest emotional support tools.

Click here to read more about Pound Town’s rise to TikTok infamy.

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*First Published: Dec 27, 2023, 1:05 pm CST