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Wale and Tomi Lahren rekindle their Twitter feud

The two argued about Jay-Z calling Donald Trump a 'superbug.'


Tess Cagle


Posted on Jan 29, 2018   Updated on May 22, 2021, 3:01 am CDT

Tomi Lahren and Wale are at it again.

The two rekindled their feud just in time for the Grammys on Sunday, this time fighting over Lahren’s racist comments about Jay-Z.

It began when Lahren shared a quote Fox News said by Jay-Z said about President Donald Trump: “Now we have Donald Trump, the Superbug.” Lahren thought Jay-Z’s comment was too controversial.

As opposed to you who raps about bitches and sisters and brags about selling crack,” she said. “Yeah…Trump is the problem…sure.”

Wale couldn’t let Tomi get away with her remarks about Jay-Z—who he said in August 2017 was one of his idols.

“Tammy he isn’t the president,” he wrote in response. “Also weren’t you just “rapping” 21 Savage???.. go and sit down my friend.”


Lahren responded and greeted Wale like a long lost friend. 

“Hey bud, good to hear from you again. Missed your Twitter presence,” she wrote. “So anyway…no Jay-Z is not the president but he did campaign for Hillary pretty heavily. Ya know, the woman famous for her ‘super predator’ agenda. Ironic, right?”

Wale responded to Lahren’s question with another question.

“And what if one of these rappers said ‘grab em by the *cat emoji*?’” he asked. “With YOUR name attached .. would u keep the same energy Tammy?”


Lahren, not one to allow anyone else to have the last word, responded to Wale and said he should go for it.

“Wouldn’t be the first time I inspired a song for you,” she said. “You’re welcome!”

That was the end of the conversation between Lahren and Wale, but rest assured that Lahren spent the rest of the evening roasting every performer at the Grammys.

“These idiots have turned every award show, every performance, every march, and every parade into an anti-Trump tantrum,” Lahren wrote two hours into the Grammys. “They don’t even celebrate themselves anymore, they celebrate their Trump derangement syndrome!”  

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*First Published: Jan 29, 2018, 9:14 am CST