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Chrissy Teigen, Sarah Silverman, and others were not having it with United’s leggings ban

‘Nothing on a plane offends me more than a comfortable woman.’


Christine Friar


United Airlines made waves this weekend after booting two young passengers from a flight and requiring a third to change into a dress because they were wearing leggings.

It all started when a gate agent stopped the passengers from boarding a flight from Denver to Minneapolis and deemed their clothing inappropriate. They were asked to either change or miss the plane, and while the two older teens didn’t have spare clothes handy, the 10-year-old passenger had a dress in her carry-on that she was able to pull on over her outfit. The story went viral after bystander Shannon Watts overheard the commostion and started tweeting about what had happened.

United defended the agent’s decision, pointing out that the girls were “pass travelers”—friends and family of United employees who are sometimes able to fly standby for free as long as they comply with company policies. One of those policies, apparently, is a dress code that prohibits the wearing of leggings. The airline spent a great deal of time on Twitter trying to explain the nuances of the situation to people, but it was to no avail. Friends of the company or not, the idea that a 10-year-old in stretch pants might somehow be too risque for public struck a nerve with a lot of celebrities.

Actor Patricia Arquette seemed to lead the charge:




Soon other public figures were sharing their thoughts as well:


Whether the policy changes is yet to be seen, but in the meantime, it seems United has lost some high-profile clients.

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