taylor swift courtroom sketch

Screenshot via Christian Zamora/Twitter

Everyone is roasting Taylor Swift’s courtroom sketch

Who is this woman?

Sep 25, 2017, 1:15 pm*



Christine Friar

Taylor Swift is spending some time in a Denver federal court this week, pursuing a sexual assault lawsuit against a local DJ she says grabbed her butt during a 2013 meet and greet. But unlike a lot of celebrity courtrooms, this one is closed to the media.

Since there aren’t any photos from the trial to publish, the press has been relying on images from a sketch artist to get a feel for what’s happening in the courtroom, and let’s just say, they’re producing some iconic work.

For whatever reason, the drawings of Swift are slightly… off. She sort of looks like Luann from King of the Hill, or the Miss Trunchbull drawings from Matilda. Maybe it’s her curved Grinch smile or her thousand-yard stare, but something is definitely emitting an un-Swiftian vibe.

Twitter, of course, has picked up on the portrait’s wonkiness, and have some theories as to what’s going on.

“I see the person who designed the Emma Watson Belle doll is now a courtroom sketch artist,” joked one user.

“I think it’s safe to say the courtroom sketch artist is a Katy Perry fan,” theorized another, referring to the pop stars’ years-long rivalry.

The trial has already had some twists and turns, like the DJ allegedly destroying key evidence, but something tells us that giving the Tom Brady sketch a run for its money will be a big part of its impact.

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*First Published: Aug 9, 2017, 8:13 am