There’s finally a Pusha T remix of the ‘Succession’ theme song

The Succession theme song is definitely an earworm, a detuned mix of twinkling piano and druggy beats, courtesy of composer Nicholas Britell. It’s become something separate from the HBO show about a dysfunctional media family, a piece of art to be mashed up and remixed on its own.

Britell announced on Monday that a more proper remix, starring Pusha T, is coming soon. Titled “Puppets,” the track sounds a little different than the original song, though it’s still instantly recognizable.

According to Vulture, the collaboration grew out of a chance meeting between the two in Los Angeles; Pusha T reportedly caught up on the first season, then went in the studio to record the remix, which debuts in full Friday, ahead of season 2’s finale.

Pusha told Vulture that the show’s themes—”The greed, the resentment, the idea anybody is basically disposable”—made the track easier to write, “because I could use all of the street, gangster rap nuances and qualities and energy and incorporate it into the theme of the music. It was really just a dope exercise, honestly.” Pusha also thinks Roman Roy will be the one to take over the business.

While Britell said Pusha was the only rapper he had in mind for the track, people have been suggesting it since the series debuted last summer.

The full track debuts Oct. 11.


Audra Schroeder

Audra Schroeder

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