Netflix cans ‘Girlboss’ after just one season


Add Girlboss to the list of shows recently fired from Netflix.

The series, loosely based on the book by Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, has been canceled after one season. It wasn’t well-received when it debuted, and Netflix has recently been more upfront about how it should (and might) be canceling way more shows. Our April review foreshadowed: “It will be a shame if the show ends up buried under the streaming giant’s rapidly growing library.”

Amoruso reacted to the news on Instagram, stating: “While I’m proud of the work we did, I’m looking forward to controlling my narrative from here on out.”

Girlboss joins The Get Down and Sense8 on the list of recently deceased series, but the sheer volume of content released on a weekly basis (and Netflix’s refusal to share viewer stats) makes it difficult to gauge exactly what constitutes a success for the streaming platform, outside of social media metrics. While cost has been attributed to the cancellation of The Get Down and Sense8, Girlboss might point to a more common issue with too much TV: quality.

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Audra Schroeder

Audra Schroeder

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