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John Oliver says Trump is the real bathroom predator to worry about



Austin Powell


Last week President Donald Trump rolled back federal protections for transgender students in public schools that allowed them to be referred to by their preferred pronoun and to use the corresponding facilities. On Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver made the case that the move was not only unnecessary, given that there’s an impending Supreme Court case on the issue, but part of a larger effort to “Make Entire Subsets of the American Citizenry Concerned About Their Safety and Well-Being Again,” hashtag #MESOTACCATSAWBA. 

“Anti-transgender rules, like bathroom bills, are almost always in deep sexual fear mongering, the idea that they would provide cover for predators to sneak into ladies’ locker rooms, despite the fact that there is virtually no evidence of that happening,” Oliver said on Last Week Tonight, a finding supported by a recent Politifact North Carolina report. 

Oliver then turned the tables. 

“What there are reports of are of Trump himself barging in on women and teenagers who competed in his pageants while they changed—something that, in characteristic style, he has both denied and been caught on tape bragging about.”

That was just the opening segment, though. Oliver devoted the majority of his show looking at the Affordable Care Act. It’s worth 20 minutes of your day. 

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