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Jeremy Renner has an Amazon store safe from the trolls

The movie star’s Amazon store serves outdoor products and inspirational quotes.


Brenden Gallagher


Jeremy Renner will not go quietly into the the void of internet obscurity.

On Wednesday, Renner made headlines when he abruptly shut down his much-maligned social media app after an all-out assault from trolls proved too much for the A-lister to bear. The Renner Heads (Renniacs? Rennatics?) out there need not worry, though. You can still shop at his Amazon store.

The store has a very masculine, outdoorsy tone, offering products like ColdGear Boot Socks and a folding campfire grill. You will also find a number of archery accessories for sale, a nod to Renner’s work as Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

jeremy renner amazon store

Alongside this Bass Pro Shop- and REI-adjacent fare, you’ll see photos of Renner doing manly things like holding a pair of binoculars and starting a campfire. There are also quotes from the man himself, such as: “Nature is therapeutic to me, always has been. Living in the mountains at elevation, with no traffic, clean air, clean water, and being surrounded by the oldest living things on the planet is nothing short of majestic…”

Truly inspiring stuff.

Renner is by no means the first celebrity to have an Amazon store. He follows in the footsteps of esteemed celebs such as Heidi Klum, Meek Mill, and Zac Efron. Though the store has been live since mid-August, it is getting renewed attention following the untimely demise of the Jeremy Renner app.

The internet has become fascinated with Renner in recent weeks, as people began to notice how ridiculous his app—which functioned kind of like Instagram, if Renner were the only person on it—truly was. Predictably, trolls flocked to the app, and the movie star finally decided to shut it down.

Renner shuttered the app with a wordy, fairly bitter “goodbye” post, a misguided effort that offered one last hilariously viral moment.

An Amazon store feels a little safer for Renner, as it’s hard to imagine how trolls could impact this venture in the same way they did his ill-fated app.

And so, Renner’s online brand of self-absorbed, outdoorsy machismo lives on. His image remains safe from the trolls inside the warm embrace of a non-interactive e-commerce site.


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