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Watch Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt hurl playground insults at each other

Whose side are you on?


Samantha Grasso


What’s better than watching two famous people getting along for publicity? Two famous people pretending to hate each other—for publicity! 

The entire press tour for Jennifer Lawrence‘s and Chris Pratt‘s new movie Passenger has been one whole snub-fest. From Pratt cropping Lawrence out of his Instagram photos, to Lawrence vandalizing Pratt’s face on a Los Angeles tour bus, the sibling rivalry antics are so sickening it just makes you want to vomit.

In their latest popular internet hate-scam, the pair duels cheap insults at each other with (attempting) a composed face.

“Why do they call it Joy?” Pratt, the master of deadpan comedy, asks early in the bit.

“Where do you keep your Oscar?” Lawrence asks with a smize only she can muster.

Watch the petty goodness below.

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