J.D. Martinez with fake Hitler gun quote Instagram post

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Red Sox star apologizes for sharing fake Hitler quote on Instagram

The meme is popular among Second Amendment supporters.


Ramon Ramirez


The fake Hitler quote strikes again.

Boston Red Sox right fielder J.D. Martinez apologized on Tuesday for a five-year-old Instagram post: A familiar meme that laughs off gun control with a fake Adolf Hitler quote about disarming citizens. “To conquer a Nation, First disarm it’s [sic] citizens,” it reads, accompanied by a photo of the dictator giving a Nazi salute.

The quote has been a social media regular for just as long, popular with Second Amendment supporters.

Martinez, 31, wrote “This is why I always stay strapped! #thetruth” on the IG caption.

hitler meme

“At the time I posted that, the Second Amendment at the time was definitely a hot topic… The point of it wasn’t to offend anybody,” he told reporters on Tuesday, according to ESPN.

Martinez added that as a Cuban-American whose family fled a dictatorship, the meme resonated with him. He added that he remains a supporter of the Second Amendment and takes “pride” in it.

According to Snopes, there’s no documentation of Hitler saying the “disarm a nation” quote. It seems to be tethered to a translated and racist quote, however, in which the German leader warns against already-occupied people forming a militia: “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subjugated races to possess arms.”

As of Wednesday, Martinez’s old post remains live.


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