Podcaster Jackie O is not sorry about that movie theater shooting comment


The Morning Toast podcast co-host Jackie Oshry (Jackie O) is not backing down from controversial comments she made about movie theater shootings earlier this week.

On Tuesday’s episode, Jackie said that she’s started to feel safer “with the elevation of the movie theater experience.”

“If you’re going to shoot up a movie theater, it’s not going to be the most expensive one,” she added.

When her sister and co-host Claudia agreed and mentioned that she had recently gone to a “standard movie theater,” Jackie said, “That I can’t do.”

After the episode posted, fans expressed frustration and exasperation at Jackie O’s comments on Instagram and a private Facebook group, according to BuzzFeed News.

Though a number of fans called on Jackie to apologize, she declined, and instead elaborated on her stance. She wrote, “Overall, I was just saying I’ve been feeling safer in movie theaters … because why would a shooter pay $30 for a movie when they can pay $15. That’s it.”

The subsequent episode of The Morning Toast was titled, “The One About Apologizing.” Jackie once again stood by her remarks, saying “people are making it so much more than it is.”

While not backing down from by her comments, she did apologize to “anyone who was hurt by what [she]” said.”

“I think it’s important on this show that I reserve the right to do that—that’s how we get through things that are difficult to talk about, shedding a little light and laughter on the subject,” Jackie told BuzzFeed. “I think it’s important that we do that. There are enough shows out there that will handle serious matters very seriously. And you can get that experience somewhere else.”


Brenden Gallagher

Brenden Gallagher

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