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Ice-T wants to know who the heck Dril is

Don’t @ me!


Tiffany Kelly


Everyone who is Extremely Online is familiar with @dril. The Twitter account is a perfect satire of what it’s like to be on the social media site. Politicians, celebrities, and other people have unknowingly replicated the format of @dril’s tweets—which usually causes ridicule. But, sometimes, telling a person that their tweet sounded like a @dril tweet is a compliment. Especially when that person is Ice-T, who tweets funny and blunt takes to his more than 1 million followers.

On Sunday, Twitter user @portal_narlish compared Ice-T to @dril after the rapper and actor tweeted: “NOTICE: Please don’t Tweet @ me if you’re just gonna Delete your comment when I simply Reply…”

Dril fans seemed to agree that Ice-T’s tweet mimicked the idiosyncratic style of the anonymous Twitter account. But one person didn’t get the joke—Ice-T.

Ice-T was humble about his lack of knowledge about this aspect of internet culture. “No diss…Please explain to me what’s Dril?” he tweeted.

His fans offered explanations:

And everyone generally went crazy over the fact that Ice-T was asking his fans to explain a meme.

Ice-T probably knows who @dril is now. But his recent tweets still resemble the anonymous online personality. In other words, they’re great.

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