Genie Bouchard Super Bowl bet

Photo via Carine06/Flickr


With the Falcons seemingly holding an insurmountable lead on the Patriots during the Super Bowl, Canadian tennis pro Genie Bouchard was feeling confident on her Twitter account.

That’s when @punslayintwoods saw an opportunity. Seven minutes after that tweet left Bouchard’s fingers, he replied to her with this.

To which she (overconfidently) replied.

It’s almost certain Bouchard wouldn’t want this date with a stranger, and even though Atlanta was a near-lock to win the game at the point she approved the wager, it’s never a good idea to bet your love life on the results of a freakin’ football game. But the 22-year-old Bouchard, currently ranked No. 45 in the world on the WTA Tour, had said yes, and you could almost see her panic as the Patriots roared back to eventually tie the game and send it to overtime.

And then …

Later, after the smoke had cleared away from the damage that had been done, Bouchard said she would honor her bet. But she still seemed stunned at the turn of events.

Expect Bouchard to learn from her mistakes, though. After all, the Patriots quarterback only has to burn you once before you catch on that he just might be the greatest of all time.

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