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Tumblr’s ‘Donald Maroney’ pairs Jenna Maroney quotes with photos of Donald Trump

Listen up fives, a ten is talking.


Christine Friar


Listen up fives, a ten is talking. 

If that quote doesn’t sound familiar, allow us to jog your memory. A single-topic Tumblr called Donald Maroney has popped up to prove one surprisingly cohesive point: Republican nominee Donald Trump sounds an awful lot like 30 Rocks resident out-of-touch blonde, Jenna Maroney.

The Tumblr pairs photos of Trump with some of Maroney’s greatest lines from the show, and the resulting images are closer to the presidential candidate’s impressions on the campaign trail than you’d expect. 

Whether it’s the pettiness…

The confused understanding of people from different backgrounds…

The remarks about military personnel…

Or the love of pageants…

There’s just a certain something that the presidential hopeful seems to share with Jane Krakowski’s celebrity narcissist.

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