Donald Trump star being vandalized

Screengrab via Dominic Patten / Deadline

Along with boycotting Trump products, some people have spent the past 16 months taking their frustration and anger over Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy out on, of all things, his Hollywood Walk of Fame star. It’s been pissed on, shat on, spit on, bordered up, graffitied with a swastika, a computer’s mute symbol, X-ed out, and used to call Trump racist. But now someone’s taken the vandalization of Trump’s star to another level and attacked the star itself.

Deadline reported that a man who said his name was Jamie Otis took a sledgehammer to Trump’s Walk of Fame star, which Trump received in 2007 for his work on The Apprentice, early Wednesday morning. The vandalization took place around 5:45am PT, a time of day when the Walk of Fame—a major tourist attraction—didn’t have LAPD patrolling or anyone nearby. Otis had plans to auction Trump’s star off next month in order to raise funds for the women Trump threatened to sue after they accused him of sexual assault, but his attempt to remove the star in one piece was unsuccessful. Instead, the star remained in place but Trump’s name, along with the TV symbol to note which area he received his star for, were destroyed.

You can watch the video over at Deadline.

H/T Deadline

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