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Billie Eilish parody takes dad jokes to a whole new level

‘One pair of sneakers that I own, wear them to everything.’


Brenden Gallagher


Ladies and gentlemen, we may have just hit peak dad joke.

On Tuesday, YouTube creator FunkTurkey posted a parody of Billie Eilish’s song “Bad Guy,” titled “Dad Guy,” and there are there just as many dad jokes as you would expect.

The video, which already has over 600,000 views, includes lines like “White shirt, now red, that’s taco sauce” and “One pair of sneakers that I own, wear them to everything” that definitely give off serious dad vibes.

Few things make the internet laugh more than juxtaposing the sexy edginess of pop music with the mundanity of suburban adult life, and “Dad Guy” is no exception to this enduring YouTube tradition.

The top Reddit comment on the video is from a fellow dad who says, “Very well done. Shared it with my 12yo daughter. She rolled her eyes.” The top reply to that comment reads, “That’s how you know it’s good.”

Following the success of the video, FunkTurkey took to YouTube again to record a video thanking fans for their support of the video and promising to “keep making more stuff that is going to be equally stupid.”

This is good news for the dad joke obsessed, who can expect more dad-friendly content from the channel in the near future.


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