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This singer dropped a coronavirus-themed song–and some think it’s a bop

Some think it's fire, and others find it disrespectful.


Esther Bell


Posted on Feb 11, 2020

It didn’t take long for the coronavirus to get memed. The disease now has a theme song, as a music video about the coronavirus is going viral.

Dominican Dembow singer Yofrangel 911 dropped the music video Sunday. The video features Yofrangel in the back of an ambulance, coughing and writhing while animated “coronavirus” germs float around.

Yofrangel is on a stretcher for most of the video, while people dance in the background wearing face masks and playing with the medical equipment.

Accompanied by a beat drop, Yofrangel sings “corona” and fake sneezes throughout the song. He also sings “tápate la boca,” which is Spanish for “cover your mouth” and talks about his “symptoms.”

Viewers had mixed reactions to a music video about a virus that has taken more than 1,000 lives in China alone and infected more than 42,000 others.

Some viewers laughed at the video and were impressed with how much they liked the song.

“We can’t be serious for one day,” one viewer commented on YouTube.

Many used the fire emoji to convey how “fire” they found the song.

“MUY FUEGO,” another commented.

But some felt the video was insensitive considering how many people have been infected and died from the coronavirus.

“The number of infected people, the number of people who have died and they come and take it as a joke. God have mercy,” one viewer commented.

The video currently has more than 30,000 views, 1,500 likes, and 233 dislikes. It comes after news that the doctor who tried to warn officials about the coronavirus, Dr. Li Wenliang, succumbed to the disease.

And Yofrangel is not the first to face backlash for making light of the disease. YouTuber kmoorethegoat faced heat after his “coronavirus prank” went viral.


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*First Published: Feb 11, 2020, 3:33 pm CST