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Clinton leads Trump by 5 points in new poll

The survey was conducted before news of Trump potentially withholding tax payments broke.


Nidia Cavazos


Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump by 5 points in the race for the White House, according to a new CNN/ORC poll released on Monday.

After the first presidential debate, Clinton leads with 47 percent while Trump falls behind at 42 percent. Independent nominees Gary Johnson and Jill Stein gather a 7 and 2 percent, respectively. The poll also shows that six out of every 10 respondents believed Clinton outperformed Trump at the debate. 

This comes as good news to Clinton as Trump had a strong start to September. Trump’s point loss mainly comes as men and independents shift their support. In early September, Trump had a 22-point lead from men and is now down to 5. Independent support for Trump went from a 44 percent to a 37 percent. 

The poll includes data from 1,501 adult respondents questioned on who they believe will be a better candidate. Questions are broken down by national issues including terrorism, immigration, the economy, life improvement, and more. Some notable gaps:

  • Better at handling foreign policy:
    Clinton 59 percent, Trump 36 percent
  • Better at improving lives for ethnic minorities:
    Clinton 59, Trump 34 
  • Temperament to serve:
    Clinton 58, Trump 33 
  • Immigration: Clinton 52, Trump 43 

Issues where Trump had a slight advantage over Clinton include better at handling the economy, terrorism, trade, most honest and trustworthy, but also most unfavorable. 

Although the survey was conducted before news of Trump potentially withholding tax payments for almost two years became public on Saturday, 57 percent of respondents see his refusal to release his taxes as a sign that he’s hiding something. As of Monday, Trump continues to make headlines as he tries to defend his taxes and is ordered by the New York attorney general to halt his fundraising. 

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