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Chrissy Teigen asked for brown bananas—and Twitter came through

The prize for the winning bananas was a signed cookbook, a Becca palette, and ‘John’s underwear.’


Kris Seavers


Today, at 12:51pm ET, Chrissy Teigen put out the call. She needed some overripe bananas STAT.

The model, Twitter queen, and generally relatable human made the request to her followers on Twitter Thursday, asking for six all-caps “BROWN” bananas from anyone in the greater Los Angeles area. Teigen promised gifts by way of her assistant for whichever loyal fan came through.

We have a lot of questions about “John’s underwear,” but OK. A signed copy of her cookbook and a Becca eyeshadow palette sound like pretty dope prizes.

Teigen made clear this was serious banana business. Anyone with the goods had to offer a picture of holding the bananas—and flashing a peace sign, probably so Teigen could verify authenticity of aforementioned bananas.

Obviously, people were eager step forward and offer their bananas in exchange for lavish gifts and adoration from Teigen.

But was it enough?

Could ANYONE come forward with exactly the number of bananas requested?

Well, close enough. Twitter user @bymeg, Meg Zukin, made up for her shortage of one banana by offering to meet Teigen’s assistant halfway. And they even live in the same area.

Just like that, within 16 minutes of the original call, the deed was one. Our condolences to the losing banana owners.

A gracious host of the Banana Games of 2017, Teigen thanked the participants. It won’t be long before Teigen is enjoying a loaf of delicious warm banana bread (hopefully with her husband John Legend).

Oh—and one more thing. Nobody better dare try to poison her.

There’s only one question left for the world. Where can we apply for the job of being Chrissy Teigen’s assistant?

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