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Cardi B blasts Access Hollywood in Instagram rant—but did she go too far?

Cardi B is getting called out for 'weaponizing' AIDS in a fury-fueled Instagram Live rant.


Kahron Spearman


Posted on Oct 4, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 2:13 am CDT

Cardi B blasted Access Hollywood for alleged misuse of her quotes, leading to a misleading headline.

The headline initially read: “Cardi B Admits Baby Kulture Calls Someone Else ‘Mommy’ Because She Works So Much.” 

However, the Bronx rapper vehemently denies the context from which the Access Hollywood headline was created. Upon learning of the header, the Cardi B went off in an Instagram Live video, which is now causing its own problems for the artist.

“I don’t play when it comes to my f*cking kid!” she started. “These motherf*ckers, Access Hollywood, these b*tch-ass n*ggas, motherf*cking ass motherf*ckers, I’m gonna really violate y’all n*ggas right now. … They asked me a question about me doing different ventures and how have things changed when it comes to motherhood. So I gave them like a two-minute answer.”

She goes on: “I said, ‘Things have changed because a lot of people expect me to do so many things… So I’m sorry if I take time out my day that I could be five hours in the studio but I spend five hours with my kid. Because, yes, I could have somebody babysit my f*cking kid, but it’s a wack feeling when your kid’s not even trying to f*ck with you and trying to call somebody else mommy. That’s why you gotta spend time with your kid.’”

Cardi claimed Access Hollywood cut the passage to create the appearance that she admitted to neglecting her daughter, Kulture. 

“B*tch, that’s not what the f*ck I said! Don’t use my … kid for clickbait, b*tch! Don’t cut sh*t off trying to make me look like I’m a f*ck-ass mom!”

Cardi’s rage-out escalated to the point that she claimed she would “spit” on the publication, and then added wildly insensitive comments to the fire: “Access Hollywood, suck my whole d*ck. Suck a d*ck, I hope your f*cking mom catch AIDS, bitch.”

None of the commenters visible in the recording of the rant on World Star Hip Hop immediately called Cardi B out for her AIDS comment. However, it appears to have bothered several of her fans, including people supportive of her initial point.

Some people on Twitter took issue with her “weaponizing” AIDS in such a way; still others pointed out that she might have fans who have HIV/AIDS who now feel alienated by the artist.

The Access Hollywood video and its landing page have since been deleted, though some archives of it are still making the rounds on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time Cardi B has found herself in the crossfire over insensitive comments: She previously was forced to apologize for a transphobic meme on her Facebook page.

The Daily Dot contacted Access Hollywood and Cardi B’s public relations team for comment.

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*First Published: Oct 4, 2019, 12:04 pm CDT