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‘American Sniper’ Bradley Cooper’s trip to the DNC sparks conservative outrage

Right-wing fans are calling for Cooper boycotts.


Christine Friar


Between the speeches, the Bernie bros, and the historic election of America’s first-ever female presidential nominee, there was plenty to talk about with regard to this week’s Democratic National Convention. But some people have a very specific bone to pick. Namely, with one audience member: Bradley Cooper

The actor, who starred in the film American Sniper back in 2014, was in the crowd Wednesday evening for Barack Obama and Bill Clinton‘s speeches. He probably didn’t expect a camera to cut to him during the broadcast, but he definitely couldn’t have anticipated the backlash he’d receive for attending at all.

Conservative fans who loved his portrayal of Navy Seal Chris Kyle immediately began pledging to boycot the rest of Cooper’s movies:

As the story blew up, fans on Twitter started coming to the actor’s defense:

The funny thing is, all this commotion could have been avoided with a Google search. Cooper has been a vocal liberal since long before this week’s convention. He donated to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign, and has also been an advocate for President Obama’s healthcare reform and gun control initiatives.

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