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Boogie2988, who compared trolls to Nazis and rapists, is logging off

‘Taking time off to work on some sh*t.’


Josh Katzowitz


About a week after popular streamer Boogie2988 compared his dissenters to Nazis and rapists, he announced Tuesday night that he’s taking a break from the internet to work on his mental health.

“Quick update for those who have reached out: Taking time off to work on some shit,” wrote Boogie2988, whose real name is Steven Jay Williams. “Talking to a therapist daily. Staying offline. Playing some games. Went swimming at the water park. Gonna try to get my mind back together before I start making content again. Seeya soon.

“Obviously twitter and live streams will be something I wanna be careful about. Will start with youtube content again next week when borderlands 3 drops. Until then hope you enjoy my time off as much as I do. Love you very much. Speak with you soon.”

Williams has long been a fixture on YouTube and Twitch for going on rants about gaming and geek culture, but he’s also been known for his controversies, including making racist comments while streaming and appearing to admit to tax fraud.

At one point, he had close to 4.6 million YouTube subscribers, but he’s steadily lost support in the past few months and he’s currently down to less than 4.5 million. On Twitch, he has 457,000 followers.

Last week, Williams enraged the internet when he addressed his trolls and said they were the “worst of the worst.”

“I think that there are fucking rapists and Nazis out there who… are more redeemable than you because at least they’re doing something they fucking believe in,” Williams said, via Game Revolution.

In the aftermath, some online commenters said he should get help. It’s especially relevant since he tweeted this in June.

“Ok rant time,” he wrote. “You may not know this but a huge part of the internet hates me now. They think I am homophobic. Or a nazi. A wife beater. An abuser. Child molester. Or even worse. Obviously none of this is true. If it were I would kill myself. I wouldn’t live that way.

“Ironically all of this negativity makes me horribly suicidal. I struggle with it daily. I hate it. The idea that so many people think I am even capable of these things makes me wish I wasnt alive. Those things are truly the opposite of who and what I am.”

Now, he’s taking off some time from the internet.

“I might tweet a few times to let you know I am alive,” he wrote last week. “But otherwise let’s see what a few days off can do.”


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