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The best movie drinking games and where to stream 

Did someone say fetch?


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Posted on Apr 13, 2022   Updated on Apr 14, 2022, 6:22 am CDT

When it comes to making plans with friends, everyone enjoys a good movie night. You can add some extra excitement to this classic pastime by turning your favorite movies into drinking games. Almost any movie can be adapted into a drinking game if you’re willing to get creative enough, but we’ve selected ten of the best movies that are particularly up for the challenge. Remember, drink responsibly!

The best movie drinking games for your next night in

1) Best girls’ night drinking game: Mean Girls

best movie drinking games - mean girls

Gather up your girls and find out who’s Queen Bee. Losers go in the Burn Book. Take a sip every time:

  • Someone says Regina George’s full name
  • A character drinks at a party 
  • Someone says the word “Fetch”
  • The Burn book is mentioned 
  • People are told “You can’t sit with us”
  • Someone talks about Africa

2) Best drinking game for old friends: The Hangover

best movie drinking games - the hangover

May your fate not be the same as the characters in this classic comedy by the time you’re done with this game. Drink every time:

  • The group discovers or remembers something
  • Someone says “Vegas”
  • Alan uses a swear-word substitute 
  • The group drinks
  • Mike Tyson breaks into song

3) Best nostalgic drinking game: Twilight

movie drinking games - twilight

If you haven’t re-watched Twilight since your adolescent years, round up your Team Edward and Team Jacob pals and settle in for an alcohol-infused trip back in time. Take a sip when:

  • A vampire sparkles
  • Bella touches her hair or bites her lip 
  • Edward and Bella stare at each other wordlessly 
  • Unhealthy behavior is passed off as romantic
  • The vampire vs. werewolf rivalry is mentioned
  • You feel uncomfortable 

4) Best drinking game for rom-com fans: Bridget Jones’ Diary

bridget jones diary

Our favorite rom-com heroine loves a glass of wine as much as the rest of us. Get the bottles out and prepare to follow along with Bridget Jones’ misadventures. Take a drink every time:

  • Mark Darcy’s full name is said
  • Tears are shed
  • Bridget sets a goal and breaks it
  • Bridget embarrasses herself 
  • Bridget complains about men 
  • Someone is smoking a cigarette 

5) Best Christmas movie drinking game: Love Actually

love actually

Nothing says the holidays are here like putting on Love Actually. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying this rom-com during the off-season, too. Whether you’re spiking the eggnog or having a wine night, you can play the Love Actually drinking game by following these rules:

  • Drink every time you hear “Christmas Is All Around Us” play
  • Take a sip whenever a character cries
  • Take a sip whenever you cry
  • Pick your favorite couple and drink every time they are on screen 
  • Drink every time you are angry at Mia and Harry

6) Best drinking game for Disney lovers: Mulan 


You don’t have to be a child to enjoy a classic Disney animated movie. Next time you have a movie night with your fellow Disney stans, try this game. Make sure you put the kids to bed first@ Drink every time:

  • Someone breaks into song 
  • The first time an animal talks
  • Anyone says the word “Honor” (Editor’s Note: Please only drink beer if using this rule)
  • A battle begins 
  • Mulan fears her comrades will discover that she’s a woman

7) Best Adam Sandler-inspired drinking game: Happy Gilmore 

happy gilmore

Some may say that the only way to enjoy an Adam Sandler movie is while you’re intoxicated. Whether you agree with that or not, this game definitely adds some extra fun to Sandler’s shenanigans. Take a sip when:

  • Happy throws his golf club
  • A montage plays
  • Take a shot when you see a gator 
  • Someone makes a lame joke and you still laugh
  • Adam Sandler throws a fit

8) Best drinking game for Marvel fans: Marvel’s The Avengers 


The Marvel universe is vast – and so are its opportunities for playing movie drinking games. Invite your fellow The Avengers fans over, and get drinking. Take a drink every time:

  • Someone says Tesseract 
  • You see the Tesseract
  • Someone gets thrown into a wall
  • Someone’s real name is said instead of their superhero name 
  • There’s an in-reference to another Marvel movie

9) Best documentary drinking game: Planet Earth

planet earth

If nature documentaries are your favorite films to stream, then this is the best movie drinking game for you. Drink when:

  • You see a time-lapse
  • Whenever you see animals around a watering hole
  • A predator goes after its prey
  • A baby animal does something cute 
  • David Attenborough mentions human impact on Earth

10) Best drinking game for college friends: Animal House

animal house

Whether you’re currently living out your college glory days or you’re simply nostalgic for them, National Lampoon’s Animal House is the perfect movie for getting in the collegiate spirit. Crack open some beers and get playing. Drink each time:

  • Someone says Delta Tau
  • Someone says “Frat”
  • John Belushi drinks
  • The Dean is angry
  • A character breaks something

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*First Published: Apr 13, 2022, 2:12 pm CDT