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Here’s how to stream both ‘Bad Boys’ movies before ‘Bad Boys for Life’

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Martin Lawrence and Will Smith will go for one last ride as the Miami police detective duo Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey in Bad Boys for Life. The latest and supposedly final (although a Bad Boys 4 is currently in pre-production, according to IMDB) installment of the Bad Boys franchise is hitting theaters in January.

While Smith hasn’t left the spotlight since his days on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Lawrence is just now seeing a career resurgence–having recently appeared in director Harmony Korine’s The Beach Bum.

And if the Bad Boys for Life trailer is any indication, the chemistry between Smith and Lawrence is as strong as ever. Witnessing the hilarious pair back in the saddle together, it’s clear that the director team of Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah–who are also directing the upcoming Beverly Hills Cop 4–will spare nothing to provide Burnett and Lowrey the onscreen reunion they deserve. 

But before heading to the movie theater, you may want to get caught up with Bad Boys and Bad Boys II–which came out in 1995 and 2003, respectively.

How to watch both movies

Neither of the first two films are currently available on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime–at least not with a standard subscription–at the time of this writing. Although that may certainly well change between now and the January 2020 release of Bad Boys For Life, here’s where you can stream them right now from the comfort of your couch.

1) Bad Boys (1995)

Rent it: Amazon for $3.99, FandangoNow for $2.99, Vudu for $2.99, YouTube Movies for $3.99

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In the first installment of the franchise, lifelong friends Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) and Mike Lowrey (Smith) are Miami detectives investigating $100 million of seized Mafia heroin, which was stolen from a secure police vault. Internal Affairs suspects that it was an inside job and threatens to shut down the entire department unless they recover the drugs within five days. (Via)

2) Bad Boys II (2003)

Rent it: FandangoNow for $2.99, Vudu for $2.99, YouTube Movies for $3.99

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Eight years after the events of the first film, Burnett and Lowrey are investigating a flow of MDMA into the city. Marcus questions if he wants to remain partners with Mike, who meanwhile, is concealing a relationship with Marcus’ sister, Syd–who, unbeknownst to both Mike and Marcus, is an undercover agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration, laundering money for a Russian gangster group. (Via)

Both Bad Boys and Bad Boys II are also available as a rental bundle on FandangoNow for $4.99

3) Bad Boys For Life (2020)

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Bad Boys For Life picks up roughly 15 years after the events that take place in Bad Boys II. Burnett has since been promoted to police inspector, while Lowrey is drowning in a midlife crisis. They reunite when a Romanian mob boss promises revenge on the duo over taking down his brother. All the main characters will return, including Joe Pantoliano as Captain Conrad Howard. 

The third installment of the Bad Boys franchise will be released in theaters on January 17, 2020.


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