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Everyone in the world is invited to this girl’s quinceañera

You only turn 15 once.


April Siese

Internet Culture

It’s the party of the century. After a family’s Facebook video went viral, it appears that hundreds of thousands—if not, millions—of people will be making their way to La Joya in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, to celebrate the quinceañera of one Rubi Ibarra Garcia.

“We invite you this Dec. 26th to the 15th birthday party of our daughter, Rubi Ibarra Garcia, in the community of La Joya,” her father, Crescencio Ibarra, says in the video, adding that there will be live bands as well as a horse race, or “chiva,” with a 10,000 peso prize. The festivities kick off at around 1:30pm, starting with a Catholic mass, and will be held primarily in the large field of a small community.

Though the family lives in a town of 10,000, La Joya boasts just 200 people. Capacity concerns certainly aren’t stopping some enterprising memesters (and corporations) from making their way to the quinceañera while making jokes in the process.

Already, there have been parodies.

…as well as high-profile memes. The macro of Donald Trump allowing immigrants to head to what’s being referred to as “XV de Rubi” and back to the states with no consequence has quickly become the Ibarra Garcia’s favorite.

If Rubi’s quince can solve our flawed immigration system, who knows what other net benefits it will bring? In his copious interviews with Mexican media as well as the BBC, Ibarra has maintained that all are welcome to his daughter’s 15th birthday bash.No matter how you choose to make your pilgrimage to “XV de Rubi,” it looks like corporations have you covered with 30 percent off flights to the nearest airport and, uh, motor oil.

Viral fame, especially when it concerns such an important rite of passage and essentially the day that you’ll be queen, can be a bit alarming. At first, Rubi was distraught about all the attention the video was getting. After all, it’d been only meant for their community and not the world at large. She’s since encouraged her family to go through with the bash, whether such celebrities as Larry Hernandez and Niurka Marcos show or not.

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