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Learn how to build your own video games with the help of GameGuru

Game design just got a lot simpler.


Colette Bennett

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Nowadays, you don’t need a degree in computer programming or experience in graphic design to make your own game—all you need is GameGuru.

GameGuru offers a game creation process that is designed for those who have zero experience in gaming. It allows you to easily build your own game world, which you can populate with unique characters, stellar buildings, and usable weapons. 

When you buy The Complete GameGuru Bundle, you will receive seven packs of assets, such as buildings and scenery items, that are great for adding special effects to your game. Plus, since they effortlessly install directly into your GameGuru library, all you have to do is drag the asset of your choice into your game and watch as it comes to life. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what is included in each pack:

Mega Pack 1 contains 530+ game-ready assets including those in styles such as Arabic town, Asian cyberpunk, and mystic’s library.

Mega Pack 2 contains 600+ game-ready assets that can be used to construct game scenes in castles, dungeons, caves, churches, and temples.

Mega Pack 3 contains 400+ game-ready objects including war-torn buildings, ruins, industrial machinery, medical items, and sports equipment.

Sci-Fi Mission to Mars Pack is ideal for creating space adventure games with 200+ building parts, characters, scenery items, interior sections, martian skies, and terrains. 

Fantasy Pack can help you create fantasy levels that feature goblins, desiccated priests, ogres, winged demons, atmospheric music, and sound effects. 

Death Valley Pack allows you to craft desert levels and sandstone fortresses with the help of bridges, doors, building parts, terrain textures, and scenery items.

Buildings Pack contains 50+ building assets including concrete bunkers, office blocks, skyscrapers, warehouses, houses, huts, flats, and gothic-style buildings. 

The Complete GameGuru Bundle usually retails for $204.92, but you can score it today for only $29.99 (85% off).

Price subject to change. 

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