bruno mars in uptown funk video

Screengrab via Mark Ronson/YouTube

Don’t believe me? Just watch.

Brilliant net artist Neil Cicierega is known for inventing ‘animutations,’ creating the Potter Puppet Pals, and dropping the :fire emoji: bizarro mixtape Mouth Sounds. His latest creation is a super-catchy Twitter bot that launched on Friday.

@BlanktownBlank generates weird new lyrics for Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s incurable 2014 earworm “Uptown Funk.” Thugtown Spunk gonna give it to ya. Don’t believe me? Just watch. 

There are dozens of these now, and almost all of them are funny.

One of the best features of Cicierega’s bot-town bot is that it also changes Twitter names periodically. Recent entries include Utztown Blub, Mumptown Gus, and Hushtown Judge. It’s a subtle touch that squeezes the last ounce of entertainment value out of a song many thought had been bled dry long ago. Such is the genius of @NeilYourself.

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