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Build a (northern) wall.

Supporters of President-elect Donald Trump have been having a hard time on Twitter lately. They simply can’t seem to find the right accounts to direct their messages toward. Last week, Trump supporters tweeted at the wrong Mike Pence, congratulating a computer programmer who lives in Florida on his “big league” win alongside the Donald.

This weekend saw yet another Twitter fail for MAGAs everywhere. Due to a particularly loaded performance of Hamilton that actual Pence was in attendance for, they’re now tweeting hatred toward Hamilton Theatre. That is, a production company and facility celebrating 60 years of bringing Broadway to Canada in the humble town of Hamilton, Ontario.

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The Hamilton Theatre is located a full 458 miles from the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City. Despite the array of erroneous, angry tweets sent its way, it stands in solidarity with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ambitious musical about Alexander Hamilton.

In an interview with CBC, Hamilton Theatre production staffer Riane Leonard eloquently addressed the mention-destroying shitstorm surrounding the weekend:

“You’re funneling it to the wrong person, guys. All you need to do is check our profile to see we’re not even in the same country… If we helped take any of the heat off our friends on Broadway, we’re here to help.”

Also shocking: Hamilton is not about Canadian merchant and politician George Hamilton, who founded the town where Hamilton Theatre is located. Who knew?

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