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Dude lights a pool table on fire inside his house for worst trick shot fail ever

What could possibly go wrong?


Austin Powell

Internet Culture

Trick shots are all about achieving the impossible—defying gravity and the odds to complete otherwise unthinkable athletic feats. Dude Perfect has mastered the art and leveraged it into a TV show and some terrible commercials. 

But for every successful shot, there are hundreds, if not thousands of misses—and surely some epic fails. 

This one might be the worst ever. 

In November 2011, Rick McAvay had the idiot-proof idea to pour gasoline on a pool table—inside his house—before attempting a trick shot. What the actual shot would’ve been is still a bit of a mystery. He never got close to the table.

The commentary is the best part: “Oh, oh! Dude get the gasoline!” 

For those quick to comment “FAKE!,” McAvay posted a video of the aftermath a couple of months later. Miraculously, he didn’t burn down his house, but the ceiling in the room was covered in black soot and the table was obviously torched. 

The truly bizarre part about this is that McAvay isn’t some random idiot chasing 15 minutes of viral fame. He claims to have a master’s degree in education, and his YouTube channel is full of billiard tricks. 

But we all scratch sometimes when the stakes are high. 

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