Comedian's dramatic re-telling of his son falling over.


Man’s dramatic retelling of his son falling into nettles is pure poetry

Children are born poets.


David Britton

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Toddlers spend most of the day falling over. It’s pretty much their job until they learn to walk. The odd thing is, their reactions to toppling over can be anything from popping right back up to screaming as if they were dying.

British comedian William Andrews had to deal with the second example recently when his son fell over and totally lost it. To be fair, the four-year-old did fall into some stinging nettles, and who among us wouldn’t be upset by that?

It could have just been a sad story, but Andrews’ retelling of the event elevates it to the level of dramatic hight art. It’s just what we all need while we wait for Game of Thrones to come back.

Twitter was duly impressed with both the story and Andrews’ account of his son’s reaction.

There was even more than one Shakespeare comparison

Although Andrews felt that might be a bit of a stretch.

A lot of people also took the opportunity to share their own stories about childhood drama and/or nettles encounters.

Andrews seems to be something of an expert at blending drama and comedy. Check out this video of him explaining how to act with glasses.

Or “How to make a fu*k*n pipe bed” which, although not exactly dramatic, is super… helpful?

Andrews is, of course, doing his best to capitalize on his new found fame. Surely his follow-up tweet will be the one that lands him on Ellen.

If not he can just start pushing his son into bushes and hoping for the best.

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