Good job, people throwing their phones in the air to take blurry selfies

selfie self high five photo phone throwing

Photo via Seth Schneider/Twitter

New selfie trend: Try not to break your phone.

Damn, someone finally did it. After all these years, someone successfully threw a phone up in the air and used it to take a photo of himself high-fiving… himself. It’s the photo the world has been waiting for, for sure.

Wow. You should be proud, Seth. You risked damaging your expensive smartphone to take a blurry selfie. And for what? A self-high five?

Congrats. You’re “Diamond” Dallas Page, the Guy Fieri of professional wrestling.

This photo is kind of dumb, but what hundreds of thousands of favs on Twitter have us wondering is: What if it’s extremely good?

The selfie-high-five is now tremendously viral, and has inspired dozens of imitators, including a bunch of BuzzFeed staffers.

Just check Seth’s replies and you’ll see even more.

D… do people not know about the timer feature on their phones? You can set the phone down and pose for a selfie. You can even point it at the mirror if you really need the phone in the photo. It’s amazing.

But the final result isn’t the point; it’s the phone-tossing that matters. It’s a little edgy and very dexterity-testing. “I don’t care if I drop my expensive phone,” it says.

Hell, people will throw their phones even when there’s no selfie to show for it. Back in 2013, a game called Send Me to Heaven challenged people to toss their devices as high as they could. And people loved it, right up to the point where it got banned from the App Store.

No risk it, no biscuit, I guess? Anyway, brace yourself for a few busted phones and many more blurry selfies.

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