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This is what happens when you marathon ‘The Simpsons’ on LSD

We don’t condone illegal drug use, but we do condone ‘Simpsons’ marathons.


Michelle Jaworski

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For more than a generation, The Simpsons has pretty much done it all—and chances are, we’ve pretty much done it all while watching The Simpsons. But one person discovered some new things about the show while doing some old-fashioned drugs.

Redditor doobieschnauzer spent the past two days “eating LSD and watching The Simpsons,” which we imagine may have been something like this.

Once the binge-watching ended, he went to r/television to praise the show, which he called “the greatest comedy show ever made” in a lengthy post pinpointing why we love it so much. He also shared his headcanon about its expansive universe.

The Simpsons is the story of all of us,” doobieschnauzer wrote. “When the martians [sic] come down and ask for Our History, I’m handing them all the seasons of The Simpsons on DVD, or whatever they watch stuff on.”

His post touches on how deeply we can relate to the members of the Simpsons family. At times, we’ve all felt judged for our flaws, like Bart. We’ve had our intellect dismissed, like Lisa. We’ve been made to feel like a nag, like Marge. We’ve been ignorant to a fault, like Homer. And of course, we’ve been forgotten, like Maggie. All of the Simpsons are underappreciated and don’t really fit in anywhere in their native Springfield.

The redditor also points out how The Simpsons changed our society by tackling topics like corruption, LGBTQ+ rights, the complexities of parenting, and even vegetarianism. Some of the greatest animators of our time worked on the show, and even if we may complain that The Simpsons is well past its prime, it still embraces itself—which allows it to express itself freely.

But then doobieschnauzer expands on the whole idea that the Simpsons (and everyone in Springfield) represent us. Each of them is one tiny aspect of our personality.

Springfield is a human brain. Each inhabitant is a perfect representation of another piece of us.

Shelbyville is another human brain. We hate each other for no reason, even though we’re exactly the same.

We imagine that he’s being metaphorical here, but considering the many places outside of those towns that the Simpsons have visited, it does help explain why even the dozens of minor characters feel so real.

While doobieschnauzer’s revelations may be a bit “out there” for those who have never taken LSD, those who have done so know what he’s talking about. And even if you don’t take his advice and drop acid while watching The Simpsons, you’ll probably come to the same strange conclusions if you binge-watch it for as long as he did.

“Not even kidding, I dropped acid and watched the Simpson’s [sic] too, last night!” one user wrote. “And I can affirm that you speak the truth.”

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