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‘I’m fed up with this world.’

Much like the 2003 film the Room, the 2016 general election is a fucking disasterpiece. And yet nobody was joining the disparate threads of Tommy Wiseau’s cult hit with the tattered, knockoff American flag that is the lead-up to inauguration day.

Luckily, screenwriter Michael H. Weber did.

And you know who else agrees with Weber? Actual Greg Sestero, the actor who played Mark in the Room and subsequently wrote the memoir the Disaster Artist about his experience on set.

Sestero didn’t just tweet back to Weber to remind us that Wiseau’s ass makes a cameo appearance during some of the pseudo-softcore porn scenes in the Room. He also took to Facebook to post Weber’s message in full for a whole new set of eyeballs to regale.

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Needless to say, fan theories were pretty fire. Some wondered if the American people had become best friends with Trump, only to turn on him and sleep with whoever Lisa would be in this scenario—perhaps Clinton. After all, “everyone betray” Wiseau. And does this make Chris Christie Denny?

If you zoom out from the characters themselves, it’s easy to see the ways that Wiseau and the Donald truly are one in the same. Neither are all that comfortable with their heritage, they both gained their wealth through real estate, and have a distinct brand of braggadocio that speaks to the absolute horrors of lies wrapped around egos gone unchecked. Any bizarre statement and grand proclamation is treated with a gravitas and twist of logic few others benefit from.

If only Trump could leave his stupid comments in his pocket.

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