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The conversation card game that became a national movement to spread empathy

Michael Tennant, the creator of the Actually Curious card game, is on a mission to inspire curiosity, inclusivity, and empathy in a divided world.



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Posted on Jan 13, 2022   Updated on Sep 20, 2022, 4:07 pm CDT

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Is empathy contagious? It has to be, according to Michael Tennant, the founder of the socially conscious marketing agency Curiosity Lab. Its transmissible nature is what makes empathy crucial to bridging the gap between people seemingly born into division.

“My expert opinion is that if I can show people the benefits of empathy on themselves and their loved ones, it will eventually ripple out further,” said Tennant.

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Michael Tennant

In 2018, Curiosity Lab began an initiative to create a conversation starter for a community-building campaign. It was then that Tennant discovered that by adding game mechanics, people would lower their defenses and egos, which would lead them to listen more intently, speak more openly, and share more freely.

And thus, Actually Curious was born.

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Actually Curious Card Game

The conversation card game teaches the tools of active listening and empathy through meaningful questions based on science and the psychology of emotional connection. With the success of Actually Curious, Curiosity Lab turned the movement to spread empathy into a national brand.

“If I can show people the benefits of empathy on themselves and their loved ones, it will eventually ripple out further.”

But a movement is never still. As part of its efforts to spread empathy, Curiosity Lab is preparing to launch its latest initiative, Curiosity Lab NFT Studio. The program seeks to enter the blockchain world with purpose-driven NFTs created by BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ creatives.

“Our plan is to create an NFT Studio where we work with creators and thought-leaders to develop NFTs that raise excitement and agency towards our shared missions while raising the NFTs’ value as we succeed at our purpose goals,” Tennant explains. “It’s beautiful art with a utility proposition that allows the NFT to appreciate and earn for the creators.”

The NFT Studio also strives to offer creators access to resources and guidance through the lesser-known business side of NFTs, including the tax implications that come with NFTs.

The program breaks ground on the Voice NFT platform with four NFTs by the first Studio Fellow Rebecca Ustrell, the founder of Curious Publishing, the art non-profit based in the Inland Empire of Los Angeles.

“It’s beautiful art with a utility proposition that allows the NFTs to appreciate and earn for the creators.”

While three of the NFTs are available as a part of the Passionfruit collection, one will be exclusive to the Actually Curious collection: the first-ever Actually Curious Access Card—and with its exclusivity, comes many bonus benefits.

The Actually Curious Access Card NFT includes an entry into a drawing to win $2000, the original Actually Curious card game, and access to all Curiosity Lab workshops and events, including the upcoming A Year of Empathy workshop on Saturday, January 15, 2022. You can also receive one of the Actually Curious special edition cards with the purchase of the three NFTs in the Passionfruit collection, including the Human Rights Edition, Culture Edition, and the Happy Hour Edition.

Are you curious? Join the movement to spread empathy and buy a purpose-driven NFT to crowdfund the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+-led Curiosity Lab NFT Studio.

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Actually Curious

Entrepreneur focused on diversity, mental health, and empathy. Creator of Actually Curious – a card game and movement to spread empathy 💕

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*First Published: Jan 13, 2022, 11:37 am CST