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evarinaldiphotography/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Meet the online community obsessed with Taylor Swift’s armpits

It’s just the pits.


Greg Seals

Internet Culture

In 2014, strangers from across the Internet united like never before to form communities and congregations based on shared passions. Countless subreddits celebrated the weird, the wild, and everything in between. From SFW power-washing porn to goat parkour, 2014 was the year that proved that no matter how inane your interest, there’s a digital tribe for you.

But just when you think these online niches couldn’t get anymore mind-boggling, along comes r/taylorswiftarmpit. Just as the name implies, it’s a place for “fans of Taylor Swift’s armpits” to join together and celebrate the shaved underarms of the pop starlet. Indeed, over a thousand of Swift’s fans have rebuked the traditional fetishizing of feet or breasts and embraced a less conventional lust for the silky smooth pits of the “Blank Space” singer.

Though the founder of year-old community has since deleted his or her account, others have stepped in and taken on the arduous task of finding photos and videos that show Swift and her pits in artful repose. The redditors that make up r/taylorswiftarmpit aren’t the most engaged bunch, but when they do speak, it’s golden. 

“I want to lick her armpit so bad” wrote a pit appreciator who goes by the name zderp49

Redditor ilovefemalearms preferred to let his imagination do the work instead. “Can you imagine putting your dick in that? Wow,” the user wrote of a photo of a younger Swift beaming as she raises her arm to wave to fans. 

Even those who are normally repulsed by underarms can’t help but bask in the glow of Taylor’s pristine pits. A photo of Swift and her armpits taking a selfie with a fan was a game-changer for redditor ClintonHarvey, who had joined the group as a joke. “I do not care for anyone else’s armpits, I think they’re weird, but like you, I keep coming back, because Taylor Swift’s armpits are….something else, ClintonHarvey wrote. 

While we may never be able to unlock the secret of what makes Swift’s armpits so alluring, we know for a fact that if she ever releases her own line of deodorant, there’s a devoted fan base ready to buy it. 

Photo via evarinaldiphotography/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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