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Screengrab via Euan McMillan/Twitter

Man captures the perfectly awkward moment this stranger falls asleep on him

We’ve all been there.


Austin Powell

Internet Culture

What do you do when a stranger falls asleep on you on the subway? Do you nudge them? Or do you just awkwardly sit there and hope the situation somehow resolves itself? 

Euan McMillan, a 20-year-old from Bathgate, West Lothian, chose the latter, but thankfully his hands were free. He shared the following photos on Twitter with an SOS: “Somebody want to collect there maw? Been sleeping on me for 15 minutes on the subway.”

The truly odd part of the encounter, according to McMillan, is that the woman wasn’t unaccompanied. Her friends were apparently sitting nearby on the Glasgow subway and didn’t bother to intervene. 

Keep that in mind next time someone oozes off on you.

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