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An actual snake on a plane derailed this flight in Mexico

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Published Nov 7, 2016   Updated Feb 28, 2020, 9:03 pm CST

Somebody get Hollywood on the phone.

According to the Associated Press, an actual, real-life motherfucking snake was found on a motherfucking Aeromexico plane on Sunday. The snake made its appearance on a flight between Torreon, Mexico, and Mexico City. 

In a statement to AP, Aeromexico said the plane was given priority landing in Mexico City, where workers then “secured the reptile.” The airline is investigating how the snake made it into the cabin in the first place.

Yes, journalists everywhere, myself included are taking the opportunity to turn this snake’s in-flight guest appearance into one exhausting Snakes on a Plane reference. 

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And rightfully so, as this first film in meme history just celebrated its 10-year anniversary and still serves as fresh meme-spiration today.

But we can’t celebrate this IRL meme without paying homage to the original motherfucking snakes found on motherfucking planes: Two snakes found on two separate Quantas flights in 2013.

One scrub python desperately clung to a plane’s wing while being violently battered against the side of the plane on a flight for almost two hours in January 2013. The other, a Mandarin rat snake, delayed a flight from Australia to Tokyo in September 2013 and forced 370 passengers to spend the night in a Sydney hotel. 

While the latter snake was removed and quarantined, the former clearly didn’t stand a chance:

Instead of watching a snake get beaten to a bloody pulp against the side of an airplane, peep this music video for emo-pop band Cobra Starship’s 2006 hit eponymously named after the “Snakes on a Plane” soundtrack. 

Yes, this was an actual song and video that people paid real money to produce.

Brb, waiting to see if this poor snake becomes the next homewrecker penguin.

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*First Published: Nov 7, 2016, 10:17 pm CST