san francisco bart dog

Photo via Salim Tarazi/Twitter

The San Francisco BART rescued a dog this morning and the tweets are amazing

Good boy!


Kris Seavers

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A dog found his way to the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (SFBART) tracks Wednesday morning, causing train delays and prompting a rescue mission.

The SFBART team alerted passengers about the delay via Twitter.

A couple of helpful Twitter users provided this photo of the doggo in question taking his leisurely morning stroll along the tracks near the Coliseum Station.

Other, less helpful users complained about the dog damn delays.

Twenty minutes after the original alert, SFBART tweeted they were still “working to get that dog.” And no, despite some of the suggestions, they would not be running the dog over.

The rogue dog, apparently, wasn’t cooperating with the authorities.

Hm… if only there was a way to lure dogs.

Maybe it’s just a signage issue.

More than 45 minutes after the dog was originally spotted on the tracks, the rescue mission came to an end.

SFBART tweeted that the dog, who doesn’t have identifying tags, will be taken to Oakland Animal Control.

What a good boy! Now get him some food.

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