Russia’s new toilet-themed restaurant is just the latest in global trend

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The Crazy Toilet Cafe, Moscow’s new bathroom-plumbing-themed restaurant, is the first of its kind in Europe. But, maybe unsurprisingly, it’s far from the first in the world. Apparently, people in Los Angeles, South KoreaTaiwan and the Philippines are all into eating out of toilets. 

Screengrab via Oddity Central

The idea behind these restaurants is simple: People sit on toilets while eating and drinking dishes that look like poop and pee out of tinier toilets.

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Chocolate ice cream is an obvious choice, but why not try a hearty soup?

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Or a freshly pooped roll?

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The Russian restaurant is merrily decorated with toilet paper rolls and (what we have to assume are unlicensed) cartoon characters happily chowing down on feces. What could be unappetizing about that?  

General manager Inga Yaroslavskaya is more than confident that the novelty of the cafe will pull people in, telling the Guardian, “We think people will walk past, think, ‘What on Earth is that?’ and then come in to check it out. It’s not everywhere you can eat good food from a toilet bowl and drink from a urinal at very reasonable prices.” Hard to argue with that!

And the prices do seem pretty reasonable. For 500 roubles ($8), you can get soup, sausage, mashed potatoes, and dessert. Dinners seem to be enjoying the food but, of course, it’s all about those photo ops:

Boracay Toilet in the Philippines, meanwhile, even offers a toilet you can climb into so that you can snap a pic with your friends and loved ones.

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Whether you’re amused by the whole idea, disgusted, or both, you have to admit it reminds us of one inescapable truth: No matter what it is you’re eating, it’s all going to end up in the same place.

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