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‘Star Wars’ fans sad about no opening crawl in ‘Rogue One’ make their own

‘We’re f**ked.’


Monica Riese

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When news leaked that Rogue One, the latest addition to the Star Wars franchise, would forgo the traditional crawl that has set the stage for its seven predecessors, fans panicked. Would it still be a Star War without the iconic opening?

But in the days leading up to Thursday’s theatrical release, fans did what they do best, generating countless options for how director Gareth Edwards might have included the crawl in his screenplay after all.

Some opted for the more sincere route, laying out the path as we understand it from the tail end of Episode III and before the start of A New Hope

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Others, predictably, went a bit more absurd with the creative opportunity. (This is the internet, after all.)

Now that the film is out, some viewers have said they didn’t miss the gigantic yellow text after all, while others turned to these parodies to sate their withdrawal.

Just in case Rian Johnson feels like putting his own spin on the opening scene for Episode VIII, or Phil Lord and Christopher Miller get any funny ideas about the young Han Solo spinoff film, we humbly suggest this guy had the right idea:

Correction 8:03am CT, Dec. 22: A previous version of this article misstated Rian Johnson’s affiliation with the Star Wars films: He is directing Episode VIII, not the Han Solo spinoff.

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