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Ride the rails from your couch with this railroad sim

All aboard for at-home entertainment!


Lauren Forgione

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Sick of Animal Crossing yet? If you’ve been enjoying New Horizons or any other simulation game but are ready for something new, be sure to check out this train simulator that goes way beyond the expected. 

The Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 Platinum Edition Bundle offers everything you’ve ever wanted in a train simulator, plus the ability to create and operate your own railroad company. It’s got nine incredibly-detailed routes; 196 steam, diesel, and electric powered locomotives; 1,191 rolling stock vehicles; and 21,000 items to help you craft the rails of your dreams.

On your Windows or macOS computer, you’ll be able to explore thousands of miles of track through incredibly detailed environments on a scale like no other while you take charge of a huge variety of locos in simple or realistic camera modes. The TRS19 Platinum Edition, however, takes you above just driving trains—you’ll set up a fully operating railroad, managing dozens of trains with AI drivers under your control, following every command. And if you want to share the fun, you totally can, thanks to the cooperative multiplayer option. 

Getting bored with driving? Instantly switch between the world-building tools and the driving simulation module using the new Unified Driver/Surveyor mode. You can build your dream layout or a 100-mile prototypical route and share your creations with others. In the Trainz Download Station (pun intended, we have to assume), you can snap up free content, and in the new Content Store Downloader, you can manage all your DLC. Plus, if you’re an existing Trainz owner, you can import and/or download all of your existing Trainz content into TRS19.

The Trainz Railroad Simulator Platinum Edition Bundle gives you the freedom to explore the world from the comfort and safety of your own couch, and right now it’s available on sale for $39.99, a savings of 85%.

Price subject to change. 

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