These period hacks are bloody brilliant

Hand Holding Uterus Display

Defeat the most annoying time of the month with these tricks.

Nowadays, you can hack just about anything—including your period.

BuzzFeedBlue offers a spate of menstrual hacks in a new video aimed to help make “that time of the month” more tolerable. 

Hacks include: 

  • Drinking a ton of water. “You have to let your uterus chill.”
  • Eating dark chocolate to raise magnesium levels
  • Having more period sex—it’s the best way to relax those tense muscles.
  • Getting some extra sleep.

We have to say, this video makes periods sound like the ideal time of the month. Eating chocolate is great. Extra sleep is great. Sex is great. 

Suddenly ladies across the world are looking forward to menstruating.

Screengrab via BuzzFeedBlue

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