ariel dumas cat bed with eyes

Photo via Twitter/ArielDumas

Hey, the cat doesn’t seem to mind.

Rarely do cats let their owners have the last laugh, but TV writer Ariel Dumas tricked her feline friends with some thread and a pair of golf balls.

Dumas, a writer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, shared her cat bed creation on Twitter. Yes, that is indeed a cat bed modified to look like a monster eating her pets. And it is amazing.

Behold, we have the monster, its mouth agape for all cats that dare cross its path.


I mean, just look at this photo and try to argue that watching a cat shimmy its way into the mouth of a monster isn’t at least kind of amusing.


Down the hatch ya’ go, fur ball.


Ahh, yes. Finally, the cat waits in the belly of the beast.


Ariel’s Twittersphere was understandably amused with the new cat craft.

Making one for your own cat seems fairly simple, too.

Thank you, Ariel, for making inanimate objects amusing again.

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