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‘Supernatural’ fans invade Trump’s social media, endorse Misha Collins for president

Castiel 2016.


Gabe Bergado

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There’s no candidate better-suited for president than a guy who plays an angel on television, right?

It’s no secret that the Supernatural fandom is one of the most resilient communities around. The undying love for the show makes this a group of fans you don’t want to mess with. And now they’re coming after Donald Trump in hopes of electing Misha Collins to the Oval Office.

Collins heads have swarmed Trump’s Instagram account with “#MishaForPresident” comments, clearly communicating their support for the fandom fave.




It looks like the fans have taken sole aim at Trump. Other candidates’ Instagrams appear to be safe from the barrage of hashtags supporting the Supernatural actor. Collins is best known as the angel Castiel on the CW television series, and is perhaps one of the most cherished actors in spaces like Tumblr and Twitter (he has 2.22 million followers). He’s noticed his legion of fans’ efforts, too.

And it looks like those behind Trump’s social media have begun blocking the #MishaForPresident posters.

The organizing apparently stems from Tumblr, where the Supernatural fans have made a slew of GIFs supporting Collins. They’ve also sprouted #JensenForFirstLady and #JaredForVicePresident, referring to Collins’ co-stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. 

In September, Collins tweeted that he could’t “over-emphasize what a bad fit Presidency is” for Trump. He even did the kind favor of making a LinkedIn page for the Apprentice host—helping Trump with the job search for something a little more his speed.

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