McDonald’s patron orders an absurdly minimalist burger that is just ‘a cheese’

Typically, when humans approach a terminal that lets us customize our own burgers, our species takes a maximalist approach.

“Oh, avocado. And a fried egg. A taleggio cheese crisp? Can’t say no to that. Definitely lettuce and onions. And a tomato slice.”

The resultant meals are towering monstrosities that are affronts to both our taste buds and our mouth circumferences.

But one man, at a McDonald’s in England, took a distinctly minimalist approach to his cheeseburger.

He placed an order for a cheeseburger at a kiosk with “NO ONION, NO KETCHUP, NO MUSTARD, NO PICKLES, NO BUN, NO MEAT.”

The result, a cheeseburger minus some of its most essential elements, was pure absurdist pleasure.

It’s Dada, it’s Kafka, but at its core, it’s existentialism distilled down to its utter essence. In fact, “I ordered a cheese” will go down as the “Mother died today” of the millennial generation, the absurd and unbelievable freedom of choice we have pushed to both its logical and most illogical endpoint.

It was purchased for 99 pence.

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David Covucci

David Covucci

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