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‘You mad because you suck at your job’: DoorDash driver insults McDonald’s employee, sparking debate

‘He mad cause he gotta do door dash.’


Cecilia Lenzen

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An angry standoff between a DoorDash driver and a McDonald’s worker has TikTokers picking sides.

TikTok user @sexy_4297 posted a 15-second snippet of the incident, which happened inside a McDonald’s. In the video, a DoorDash driver is seen standing at the restaurant’s front counter, waving his arm as he snapped at a McDonald’s worker on the other side of the counter. It’s unclear from the video what prompted the exchange.

“You mad because you suck at your job,” the driver says. The worker snaps back, “What [am] I mad for?”

“You mad becuase you suck at your job,” the driver repeats.

A bystander steps in at that point, seeming to try to placate the two. She tells the woman “you’re pregnant” as if to discourage her from engaging in the argument.

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The video sparked a debate among TikTok viewers, with different users picking sides.

“He mad cause he gotta do door dash,” one viewer commented, seemingly against the driver.

“I know he ain’t talking at least she got a job [crying emoji] he out here getting food for others [skull emoji],” another viewer commented.

“I’m mad at the people telling her don’t respond to him like wth y’all need to be telling him don’t talk to her like that,” someone else wrote.

Some users sided with the driver, though.

“I’m with the driver trust they’ll take forever they’ll do it on purpose… not all places but the people who love drama….” one user said.

“He cute tho!” another user wrote. In reply to the comment, the creator said, “He acted very ugly from the start he walked inside [laughing emoji] cussing at the girl when she was trying to help.”

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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