Watch this man hilariously struggle to get out of a baby’s high chair

You know how you thought your college boyfriend who played video games all day and ate Frosted Flakes for every meal was the most immature man in the world? Well, you obviously didn’t know about this dude, who had quite a scare when he got stuck in a baby’s high chair.

Talk about a manchild.

In the video, the man—identified only as “Darren” from Manchester, according to the Facebook user who originally posted the video—is seen struggling to get out of a wooden high chair while his friends laugh hysterically and attempt to help him out. At one point, they drag him across the floor on his stomach; later, he even takes his pants off to allow for an easier exit.

Because the video ends with Darren still stuck in the high chair, it’s unclear whether he eventually got out. For all we know, he might still be there, limbs wriggling violently as his friends spoon-feed him mashed carrots.

If he stays there forever, we’ll be singing folk songs about the Manchild from Manchester for decades to come. If he ends up getting out, we hope he’s learned his lesson: Never get into a space designed for infants after a night of heavy drinking.

H/T | Photo by Parker Knight/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

EJ Dickson

EJ Dickson

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