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Little girl’s ‘Let Me Poop’ is the most moving ‘Frozen’ parody ever recorded

Young Emily Mandelbaum is here to rock your world.


Beejoli Shah

Internet Culture

If you think the past year of Frozen hype is complete s**t, well, you’re not alone. Young Emily Mandelbaum is here to rock your world with a song about poop so truly (bowel) moving, Disney might just have found their storyline for Frozen 2.

Frustrated with the painful side effects of constipation, Emily sings her heart out in a delightful little ode set to the tune of “Let It Go,” cleverly titled “Let Me Poop.” She starts slow, describing the all-too-familiar feelings of churning stomach and clogged pipes, before belting out a chorus far more enchanting than anything Disney could animate:

No one come in, no one come see, oh my god now I feel like I have to pee

I hate how this feels, don’t let them know, well now they know…

Let me poop! Let me poop! Can’t hold it anymore

Let me poop! Let me poop! I should have closed that door

If you thought that Emily’s precocious poop pop was only limited to the feelings on being backed up, just wait: Much like a healthy bowel movement, there’s more to come. She is not afraid to tackle the tougher topics. Emily spends much of the song discussing the smell of poop—a heady topic indeed, and sung with gusto.

How could it smell like that? It’s so bad, I think it killed my cat

Let me poop! Let me poop! I cannot feel my toes

Let me poop! Let me poop! I feel so bad for my nose

In the years to come, Emily might not be quite so thrilled with her parents, Irwin and Lisa Mandelbaum, for posting her love of poop for the whole Internet to see. But it’s a surefire recipe for viral success: Hop on your porcelain throne and get crooning.

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