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‘If you ordered an online order, and I was working there…’: Worker shares PSA on his ‘last day at Chipotle’

‘I’m tired of y’all ordering a burrito with queso, guac, every damn salsa, and extra sour cream.’


Allyson Waller

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Not all online orders are treated the same when it comes to fast-food service, particularly those that make it harder for workers to do their job, as evidenced by a recent video from TikToker @probablysaint. 

In a recent video that’s been viewed over 120,000 times, @probablysaint reacts to separate TikTok of a Chipotle order that appears to consist of meat and rice that’s drenched in a hefty amount of sour cream and guacamole. He then reveals he recently left a job at the Mexican chain restaurant and disliked having to deal with wild online orders. 

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“Yesterday was my last day at Chipotle, so I’m going to say this: If you ordered an online order, and I was working there, and I didn’t feel like making it right, I wasn’t making it right,” @probablysaint said. “And what are you going to do about it?” 

In the caption of his video, @probablysaint detailed the unique orders he would have to deal with as a Chipotle employee. 

“I’m tired of y’all ordering a burrito with queso, guac, every damn salsa, and extra sour cream,”  @probablysaint wrote. “Now I gotta roll this wet disgusting slop you ordered and switch gloves every three seconds [because] all the sour cream and red sauce running all over the place. Then I gotta clean up the whole work station and then go back and make seven more wet burrito orders to feed you freaks.” 

Chipotle has not responded to a request for comment about its policies concerning online orders. Based on TikTok comments, @probablysaint’s experience seems to be pretty universal among food service workers. 

“ON GOD! i worked at Moe’s we called [these orders] ‘wet ones,’” one commenter said.

“I worked at chipotle for 3 years i can guarantee almost all of the employees have this mindset,” another commenter said. 

“I work at a Qdoba and if the burrito rips and it’s for an online order there is no chance it is getting remade,” someone else said. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to @probablysaint via TikTok comment. 

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